Standard £125

A Standard ticket gives access to all areas of the Ball from 9pm. Food, drinks and events are included.

Queue Jump £140

A Queue Jump ticket gives you the right to enter the May Ball at 9pm ahead of standard entry, giving you a head start to the event.

VIP £155

A VIP ticket provides each guest with an exclusive private drinks and canapé reception starting at 8pm, and early entry to the Ball ahead of queue jump.


A certain proportion of tickets of each type are reserved for alumni for a surcharge of £10, allowing us to offer a subsidy to current Homerton students on a bursary.


People can be contacted by clicking on their name.



Refund policy

It’s with great regret that the Homerton May Ball 2020 has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.
We will be refunding all tickets fully, minus the booking fee. Fixr has contacted guests directly regarding the timeframe for this.
We would encourage you to consider donating a percentage of your refund to the Big MAC - May Ball Appeal for Coronavirus. This is a RAG campaign to fundraise for charities responding to the global pandemic. More information on this here.
Thank you to all our ticket holders for your love and support in this time. Please stay safe, and we look forward to welcoming you to our 2021 event!

Statement from the May Ball Presidents’ Committee

The May Ball Presidents’ Committee have been closely monitoring the advice given by the central Government, City Council and College officials with regard to large-scale public events. With the recent move into ‘red phase’ by the University, the May Ball Presidents’ Committee regret to announce that May Balls and June Events scheduled for June 2020 must be cancelled or postponed until further notice. All ticket-holders will be emailed with further details.
As per our previous statement, all May Balls will release their respective refund policies within the coming days and weeks. While Ball Committees prepare to release these, please refrain from emailing your ticketing officers unless urgent. All Committees are working within different constraints and timeframes and are working as fast as they can.
We would like to thank you all for bearing with us through this uncertain time. These cancellations come as a blow to all Committees and College officials that have worked hard to make these events happen. We very much look forward to celebrating with you at events in the years to come.


Who can apply for tickets?

Tickets will be released to Homerton students only and Homerton staff, alumni and fellows on Wednesday 29th January 2020. This release will be exclusive to Homerton students, staff and alumni. Homerton students may bring up to 3 guests, who can either be students at other colleges or non-University members. A portion of tickets will be reserved for Homerton alumni, staff and fellows. After a 72 hour window, any remaining tickets will be released to Homerton students.

Where can I apply for tickets?

Tickets will go on sale directly from a FIXR link on our own website, NOT through UPAY or any other college-operated ticketing system! A link will appear on the website when they are released at 7pm, which you can then follow to the ticket application form. Payment will be required immediately after choosing a ticket type and payment is non-refundable.

Can someone else buy a ticket for me?

Other Homerton students may add you to their application as a guest, at which point they will be responsible for the payment and collection of your ticket. However, we strongly recommend that you make arrangements to buy your own ticket in order to avoid missing out, as tickets will sell out!

Can I change my ticket type after I’ve paid?

In order to change your ticket type please contact the committee ticketing officers at who will be happy to help.

Can I change the name on my ticket after I’ve paid?

Information coming soon.

How do I buy alumni tickets?

Tickets for Homerton College alumni will go on sale at 7pm on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at the same time as current student sales. To access our ticketing system at this time, please use the link on the Homerton May Ball website. Alumni, like current students, will be able to buy up to four Standard (£135), Queue Jump (£150) or VIP tickets (£165) each. A portion of tickets will be reserved for a 72-hour period, after which time they will be released to Homerton students. Please note alumni of other colleges will not be able to purchase tickets to Homerton May Ball.

How do I buy staff/fellows tickets?

Homerton staff and fellows will be able to buy tickets through the alumni link directly from the website at 7pm on Wednesday 29th January 2020. The same ticket prices as for alumni (see above) apply.

How do Bursary tickets work?

Bursary tickets are available for Homerton students on the Full Cambridge Bursary. This is a 30% reduction applicable to standard tickets only: tickets will cost £87.50. To apply, please email the Ticketing Officers on as soon as possible before you purchase your tickets. Your ticket will be identical to all others.

Ball-related questions

What does ‘Cupid and Psyche’ mean?

Cupid and Psyche is an ancient myth that tells the story of true love conquering all obstacles. Cupid, the god of desire, stabs himself with one of his own arrows and falls in love with Psyche, a beautiful human woman, and they plan to marry. After Psyche accidentally betrays Cupid and drives him away, however, she is set a series of challenges by the goddess Venus - who is jealous of her beauty - in order to be reunited with him. Unknown to Psyche, as she completes the tasks, Cupid is secretly aiding her throughout. When she fails the final challenge and falls into the sleep of the living dead, he persuades his mother Venus to release the curse and Jupiter, the king of the gods, to make her immortal, and the two marry. If you’re keen to know more about the story before you attend the Ball, you can take a look at this Youtube video.

What’s the guest policy?

Each ticket applicant may buy 3 guest tickets in addition to their own - these tickets can be for anyone you like, provided they are over 18. You will be responsible for payment and collection of all of your guest tickets. All of your guests will need to bring their own photographic ID to gain entry on the night.

I have specific access needs, will these be met at the Ball?

Once you have successfully applied for your ticket, please email our Ticketing Officers ( and make them aware of any adjustments you may need to make the Ball an enjoyable and accessible experience.

I have specific dietary requirements (vegan, coeliac, allergies etc.), will these be catered for at the Ball?

The caterers and menus have been selected with a wide range of dietary requirements in mind and we hope that there will be something for everyone! However, if you have a particularly unusual allergy, intolerance or requirement, please email our Food and Drink Officers ( once you have purchased your ticket to let them know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What should I wear to the Ball?

The dress code for the May Ball is Black Tie. Guests should wear either a dinner suit with a bow tie, military or national dress, or an evening dress. Please be aware that the Committee reserves the right to turn away any guests they deem not dressed appropriately for the event. A cloakroom will be provided on the night. Please check the weather forecast and wear appropriate footwear.



Children For Health was set up by ex-Homerton alumni Clare Hanbury-Leu. As a small charity, every donation to Children for Health means so much. Thus, the committee is happy to be making a real contribution to not only an important charity, but supporting our former students. Children for Health is dedicated to the promotion of health education in developing countries, focused on developing children as agents of change and communicators of essential health messages in their families and communities. Thus, the goal is to educate children about health so that they can become catalysts in their community for change. For more information, the website ‘’ contains examples of their free resources created for children in developing countries, and are a great indication of how Children for Health works.

We supported Children for Health with a 1 pound donation per launch event ticket. Additionally, we will donate all name change fees.


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